Sunday, May 27, 2012

Army Painter Strong Tone Quickshade test

I did some tests of the Army Painter Strong Tone quickshade this weekend in preparation for doing an entire Orcs & Goblins army with the stuff. Using some spare Battle for Skull Pass minis that were laying around, I began by doing a quick and clean 30 minute paint job on a Night Goblin shaman consisting of base colors and highlights.

My palette usually consists of very bright colors so my main concern was that green, yellow, and purple wouldn't work with the quickshade, or just look like crap. I did the highlights at this stage so they'd pop through the shader.

I didn't want to full-on dip the model into the can of shader because that seemed wasteful and messy so I gently applied the shader onto the model using an old rounded brush.  

I really got a feel for how the shader behaves at this stage, you want to push the pigment into nooks and brush it off from any areas that you'd like to look a little cleaner.  

After the dip was completely dry, I finished the model off with some Testor's Dullcote. Here are the results of some testing -


Overall the quickshade is really easy to use, and solid results are very possible with a bit of highlighting and a good matte finish. Im not done experimenting for just the right shade of purple that Im going for, but doing an entire army this way is going to be a piece of piss.

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