Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Custom Small World Race - Transmogrifiers

For week 4 of Small World Board Game Month, here's the Transmogrifiers!
Once per turn per opponent, your Transmogrifiers can substitute an opponent's In Decline token adjacent to an active Transmogrifiers Region with a Lost Tribe token taken from the tray, if there are Lost Tribe tokens available, or; once per turn, you may conquer a Lost Tribe region adjacent to an active Transmogrifiers region by substituting the Lost Tribe token with an active Transmogrifiers race token taken from the tray or your hand. In Decline tokens replaced must be the only token in the Region (so multiple In Decline Ghouls on the same region are immune!).  
Transmogs set!
The Transmogrifiers derive their name from Calvin and Hobbes - the Transmogrifier was a large cardboard box that turned one thing into another and appeared frequently throughout the strip. Bringing in my love of horror movies and gaming, the inspiration for the mechanics of Transmogrifiers was John Carpenter's "The Thing", which metamorphoses into a mimic of other organisms, and the attacks of Magikoopas in Super Mario World for SNES which could turn purple Turning Blocks into enemy Koopas. Similarly, the Transmogrifiers are able to grow their ranks by turning enemy In Decline tokens into Lost Tribes, or Lost Tribes into more Transmogrifiers. Because of this, the Trangmogrifiers come with 5-base race tokens to a maximum of 15 possible tokens.     

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