Saturday, February 8, 2014

Warhammer Warbands Campaign Cover and 2014 Hobbying

Following a very busy and largely hobbyless year (except for the 2.0 update to Conquest of Lustria), the last month has been pretty productive. Along with a complete revamp of my gaming table and terrain, I've been able to dedicate time to continuing work on the campaign I teased at the end of Conquest; Pirate Princes of Sartosa. I'm really excited for this, and it's been taking up a good chunk of my nights after work. 

I'm very encouraged by the continuous interest I've seen lately on Warhammer forums for warbands type rules and supplements, and my aim for this campaign is to create a fun system to play scaled-down games and offer a new type of campaign experience while encouraging players to teach WFB to friends or start new armies.

Although the completed pdf for Pirate Princes is still surely months away, here's the tentative cover for the next campaign adventure;

I'm planning on better documenting my hobbying this year and use it as encouragement to be as productive as possible. I've also been catching up on warhammer podcasts to keep up the motivation. Up next is the revamped table and terrain while I plug away at Sartosa!


  1. Just saw the "ad" for it in the Lustria book, and I'm looking forward to this. I'm hoping to use it as a stepping stone to getting my group a little more strongly into Fantasy.

    1. Awesome! It's nearly done! I'll post a sample quest page this week.