Monday, February 17, 2014

Warhammer Jungle Terrain Revamp

I made my gaming table a few years ago, around the same time I was working on Conquest of Lustria. I scoured the internet for advice and tutorials so I could do it right the first time and avoid learning shit the hard way, but that did NOT work out and I had a very rough time through trial and error before I ended up with something close to what I wanted (might actually be worth a post later on). While working on the table, I ended up having to painfully redo the whole thing several times before I got there and ended up with a "badlands" themed table that looked like this;
2000pts Empire vs Chaos across a splotchy landscape!
I blame "Cars Land" at Disneyland for the badlands inspiration. My Orcs and Goblins army was also intended to be badlands based and themed to match.
A Conquest of Lustria  game being played. The Kroxigor to the right was actually a Black Label Maneater haha
I originally wanted a jungle themed "Lustria" table, but didn't want to be so skewed towards a single theme that I'd never be able to do anything else with the terrain. Ultimately, I should have gone with the theme I really wanted, and man, did I hate the way the splotchy flock looked. A little while ago I repainted the whole thing and got it back to square one with the intention of reworking the tabletop as well as revamping the existing terrain by re-cutting and repainting to appropriate it into the jungle theme. I also decided to make more pieces of terrain to flesh out the table. These are the revamped and new terrain pieces;
Modular Hill
This is the same modular hill from the badlands pictures but has been redone - the rock face and contour has been changed to look more natural and the whole thing's been repainted, flocked, and detailed.
In most games, the two halves end up getting drafted separately and placed on table edges. The tree is an 8" Phoenix Palm  from 'JTT Scenery', I wish i'd known about them sooner because they make some really clean looking trees and foliage.

Jungle Forest
This a new piece, essentially a plate that counts as forest. I wanted entire units to be able to fit here without having to remove plants, etc and still count as being covered. The 'Quetzalcoatl' head is a piece of aquarium scenery that I think ran me like 8 bucks and fits the Lustria theme very well. It was a full piece made from plaster that stood upright and I cut it with a dremel to give it the 'sunken into the ground' look. Being an aquarium toy, the open back made for a cool looking passageway and a skirmisher can totally be put in the statue's mouth to have a vantage point to shoot from. Super fun!

Single Sloped Jungle Hill
Another convert from the badlands set. I added some JTT plastic shrubs, a larger shrub from Michael's, Woodland Scenics flock and clump foliage, and GW static grass. Usually, we'll do a Dangerous Terrain test for moving or charging down the steep side of the hill but most of the time shooting troops end up getting perched up at the top.
Jungle Rock Formations
Both of these jungle rock formations were converted over from the badlands rocks. These formations were some of the more iconic badlands pieces, so redoing them for Lustria ended up taking a lot of re-cutting. Although I was happy with the terrain originally when I made it for the badlands, the scale of this first one always felt a bit off (you can see it pretty well in the second picture at the top of this post when it still had pointy spires), The palm tree here is a smaller JTT Scenery Phoenix Palm that is 6 inches tall. 

I really enjoy this second rock formation, even if it is more suited to the badlands theme, so I wanted to preserve the shape as much as possible. Overall I was pleased with how these two turned out and I think the scale now looks more appropriate to WFB's 28mm scale. I love perching Terradons on top of this terrain, it just looks rad.
Lizardmen Jungle Vault
This is one of the more characterful new pieces of terrain I made for the table. The idea is that it can be used as a second single sloped jungle hill, serve as a jungle temple (like for the Vale of the Slumbering Titan or Golden God of the Amazons scenarios in the Conquest of Lustria campaign), or some other objective. I wonder what treasures of the Old Ones, lost prophecy plaques, or ultra-powerful treasures might be in there...  

Modular Jungle Outpost
I saved the largest and most ambitious of the new terrain for last, and the painting of the watchtower portion is still in progress. As you can see below, individually, these last three pieces can serve as a watchtower and two table edge hills with sloped ramps;  
These three take the terrain count total to ten while not cluttering up the battlefield so much that they become a nuisance. Since Watchtower is seldom played, most of the time the watch tower is placed on top of the large flat hill; 
This adds some fun height to the battlefield, and the ramps across all three pieces have been sculpted to match no matter the combination. The watchtower's ramparts have been cut to allow cannons and other war machines to peek out. Finally, If a scenario or calls for it, all three can come together voltron-style to form a surprisingly large jungle outpost;

Updating this terrain has taken a lot of my non-writing hobby time as I continue on Pirate Princes but I'm pleased with how it's all turned out as a whole and I think it's a vast improvement over what I had before. I look forward to getting to use it once I have time to get some games in. By the way, If you live in Orange County, enjoy beer, and want to play on this board, hit me up!

I feel like the tabletop still needs some work, if that's darkening the ground and adding flock (trying my best to avoid the splotchy mess like the badlands board...), or buying a 6x4 grass mat (sometimes they're too dark-green or artificial looking), we will see, but It needs more color.

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