Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Music Adventures - together PANGEA: "Badillac"

Living in southern California, I've grown up listening to a lot of punk and garage rock. Music tastes are totally subjective so I understand if something I enjoy isn't your thing, but I've decided to post some of my favorite music to this blog, and most of it will honestly be garage-influenced rock. Give it a chance, maybe you'll like it. Here's a killer Jam of the Day from together PANGEA from L.A.

If you dug that track, be sure to check out more together PANGEA, they have a lot of kick-ass songs. I'll be seeing them next at Burgerama 4. Pumped!

As for gaming - I have been writing Sartosa but the last two days were spent on a design project for another gaming obsession - the Smallworld board game. It just happened. It had to happen. Can't wait to share, I'm excited about this one!

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