Saturday, February 21, 2015

Pirate Princes of Sartosa Campaign Map Preview

It's a beautiful Saturday morning here in southern California, and I'm just hung over enough to make staring at a computer screen painful so I worked on this preliminary mock-up of the map for Sartosa.

This was just to see if I had enough Mighty Empires tiles to get the job done and get an idea for how the cities, ports, and other landmarks relate to each other spatially. So far so good!

I'm super excited to work on this map because it's going to be a really fun project and I have some big ideas for the final product, including cannibalizing an entire box of Dreadfleet for all it's little rocks and other mini-terrain.

my dremel is ready.

An added bonus is that once I have absolutely destroyed the contents of the Dreadfleet game, the ships will be great race-specific counters for the campaign, since there is a travel by ship mechanic that can be used to get around the island!

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