Thursday, March 19, 2015

Custom Small World Race - Khans

Week 3 of Small World Board Game Month is here! Pay tribute to the Khans!
Custom Small World Race
Khans do not score Victory coins for regions they occupy while active, instead, for each Khan Region, collect a Victory coin from each opponent for each Region their active race occupies that is adjacent to that Khan region. You may collect multiple coins from an opponent whose active race controls a Region sharing a border with multiple Khan regions. You only receive coins if an opponent has coins remaining, and if their active region is not Immune due to a racial or special power. If a special power (such as “Merchant”, “Forest”, etc) would allow them to collect a bonus Victory coin, Khans may gain those from the bank as normal. While In Decline, including the turn they go in Decline, Khans score one Victory coin for each Region they occupy as normal.
An assembled set of Khans
The Khans are a low-population race that focuses on aggression through economics - they don't earn coins for their own regions, but rather, take coins from active races in adjacent regions. They are intended to be an answer to the highly offensive race and power combinations that tend to be most popular and effective in regular gameplay - stuff like Commando/Berserk/Marauding Amazons, Ratmen, Skeletons and sometimes Orcs that are usually able to take out many enemy tokens while still spreading through the board. Khans tend to normalize the gold these powerful race/power combos have earned while earning a modest amount of Victory coins for their own coffers. They will eventually and inevitably draw the attention of other races and suffer when players answer them by going into decline or there's no active enemy races in play. 

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