Friday, March 13, 2015

Custom Small World Race - Frost Titans

It's week two of Small World board game month and with it comes the chilly Frost Titans!
Frost Titans place a Frost Rune token in the first region they conquer, and may conquer any Mountain region using a single token. A minimum of one Frost Titan token is still required. The Frost Rune token makes the region immune to enemy conquests and racial and special powers while the Frost Titans are active, and is not removed if you abandon the Region (but you must still occupy the region to score Victory coins). The region containing the Frost Rune token may be conquered by Frost Titans using a single token. A minimum of one Frost Titan token is still required. When the Frost Titans go into Decline, the Frost Rune token remains on the board - it no longer grants immunity but adds defense to its Region for the rest of the game. 
My set of Frost Titans, used for testing.
The Frost Titans specialize in taking over mountain regions, so Giants beware! They are, however, not a very populous race so they may be played defensively by taking advantage of their Frost Rune region and the additional defense of Mountain regions. On the offensive, their Frost Rune negates a region from your opponents while you set up shop on Mountains effortlessly. In decline, the Frost Titans effectively add another Mountain to the board, as their Frost Rune stays on the map granting defense to the Frost Rune region for the remainder of the game.

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