Monday, March 2, 2015

Custom Small World Race - Relic Knights

I'm super pumped to start off the first week of the Small World Board Game month with the Relic Knights!
What do these guys do and how do they play?! ....

Before your first conquest, select an opponent to place the Relic token in a region. The region holding the Relic token may not be Immune, be made Immune, or be a sea or lake region. The Relic Knights may never enter the board in a region or adjacent to a region containing the Relic token. The Relic token may not be placed in a region already containing a Relic Knight race token. At the end of any turn in which your Relic Knights occupy the region containing the Relic token, remove it; take a new Relic Knight token from the tray, add it to the troops you redeploy, and collect a bonus Victory coin. Then, select a new opponent (if available) to place the Relic token in a new region. Remove the Relic token when the Relic Knights go into Decline.
Assembled Relic Knights set
In multiplayer, the Relic Knights will turn you into a political weapon as opponents place their coveted Relic amid one another's active regions. In 1v1 play, an opponent that is content to allow the Relic Knights to obtain their Relic in exchange for the freedom to expand will soon find they've made a mistake leaving you unchecked as you run down their regions with inflated ranks. Be aware that if the Relic Knights are not your first race of the game, the Relic token is just as likely to end up in your own In Decline regions.

If you play Small World, I really hope you try it out, and I'd love to hear your feedback and anecdotes! This is just the beginning of Small World Board Game month for this blog, and as you might be able to tell from the site's banner, a lot of work has been done and there's a lot left to come! I can't wait! 
Use the download button on the right side of the page to get the Relic Knights pdf!

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