Monday, October 12, 2015

Warhammer Warbands Campaign - Special Campaign Lore Preview: The Lore of Ages

Pirate Princes of Sartosa is full of of custom content, rules, and systems to add a new dimension to smaller points Warhammer Fantasy 8th Edition games without bogging down the action. Some of that content comes in the form of three unique lores of magic; the Lore of the Deeps, the Lore of the Southlands, and the one we're looking at today - the Lore of the Ages.

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The Lore of the Ages is based around the trope of the timeless and wise mystical ancient. A mage or even cosmic entity so powerful that time has become meaningless, and the stars are theirs to command. 

In terms of Warhammer fantasy and a low-points campaign, we adapt that trope into a more grounded and less cosmically grandiose frame - the Time Mage. Fans of Final Fantasy are likely familiar with this job class. Spells from the Lore of the Ages, much like the abilities of the Time Mage (though we are not looking for 1:1 equivalents), can be disruptive, supportive, or highly destructive.
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The Lore of the Ages builds around the thematic synergy between existing magic spells from the eight lores of battle magic in the Warhammer rulebook as it's framework. These are spells that feature temporal or cosmic elements. The second half of the lore consists of original spells that give us a strong feeling of a mage with the ability to alter time at will. 

You will be able to recruit a Time Mage to your Warhammer warband or recover a tome to allow an existing Wizard in your army to select the Lore of the Ages when Warhammer: Pirate Princes of Sartosa becomes available later this month! 


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    1. Thanks! I couldn't get the campaign pack ready before the end of October, but it is super close to being finished. :)