Saturday, August 6, 2016

Warhammer Pirate Princes of Sartosa is now available!

Pirate Princes of Sartosa is ready! Download it on the left sidebar!

Your feedback and comments are always appreciated. Happy to finish this project after so long. I hope to do a post mortem about this project and my share some insight into what my plans were for Warhammer content soon, as well as support Sartosa with free periodic "DLC" pages that add more quests and content.


  1. Just wanted to drop a line and speak my gratitude over your hard work with this campaign! :] I plan to run it later this year as a heavily narrated warhammer event in my small hometown here in Sweden!

    I do have one question though regarding the special characters, are they unique or could each warband show up with the same character to a battlefield? I understand that the savage pitfighter is a generic but what about the named? :]

    Once again! Thanks alot :]

    1. Thank you so much! Be sure to let me know how it goes and send in any feedback you/your group comes up with!

      Special Campaign Characters are unique PER WARBAND, so each warband may hire a single instance of any of the special campaign characters.

      So each warband can show up with, for example, Tika the Anacondas Amazon to the battle, as long as no single warband is showing up with two Tikas =)

      The Scenario Special Campaign characters are all generic but they and the named ones you hire out of Sartosa City or the Port of Vercuso work the same way =)